Summer with Sara Johansson at MuffArt

“For a long time I’ve been longing to get creative, but I felt like there was never enough time or energy. When I went traveling in the world I often found myself surrounded by artists, but never then thought I could do art. Then the longing got stronger and still my thoughts and fears kept me from daring to do anything more with it. Thankfully some of my beautiful friends recognized my joy in playing with colours and we went to a Vedic Art course where I got to experience how powerful the creative force within can be. It brought up lots of emotions and started a lot of processing. A few months later I applied to an art course in Stockholm and my heart cheered me on. Then I spent a semester embracing every day on my journey of creativity, lots of things shifted and happened within me. Now I’m very happy to get to share some of my art with all of you in the lovely café Muff. Love, Sara”

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